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Small cells sharing your life moments

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softwaring networks

New services with better coverage and capacity

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softwaring networks

LTE connectivity and QoS beyond the limits

Small cell network elements

Sistelbanda provides all the key elements that work seamlessly together to build complete and fully customizable LTE small cell networks.

SB41s HeNodeB

The SB41s HeNodeB is an innovative LTE small cell for small office and residential environment (SOHO) allowing quick deployment of massive LTE small cell networks, offering the best performance and minimum power consumption.


SN4G Protocol Stack

Developed for LTE Small Cells, our Ultra-efficient LTE Protocol Stack, allows the control and customization of the system for any environment, compatible with the leading LTE chipset platforms available in the market.


SN4G Small Cell Manager

Advanced Home eNodeB Management System (HeMS) software and network KPI Manager to provide Operation, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM & P) for the HeNB devices.



Self-Organizing Networks enables high volume small cell roll-outs, optimizing the performance. SN4G SON minimizes the network operation complexity and the impact of massive deployments of small cells networks.


Partners and Environment


Complementing our product portfolio, we offer professional services related to our products, provided by our skilled engineers.

Our services portfolio includes:


Software customization

To adapt our software to customer needs and requirements 

Hardware design

To ensure the best performance and total hardware-software integration


Small Cell software elements ready for customization and development to fulfill operator´s requirements

HetNet Simulation Services

Anticipating the behavior of the Small cell networks with specific parameters and algorithms


To design, plan and develop innovative LTE small cell networks and products including our SW elements