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Sistelbanda participates in fourth Small Cell LTE Plugfest in Europe

8th July 2016, Naples, Italy – Sistelbanda is delighted to announce its participation in the fourth Small Cell LTE Plugfest organized by Small Cell Forum (SCF), in partnership with ETSI, from the 27th June to the 08th July in Naples, Italy. Taking place in the Telecom Italia/TIM’s specialist labs, the Plugfest will enable key players and suppliers in the small cell marketplace to test their products and solutions for interoperability and reliability in mixed vendor environments.
The two-week Plugfest will provide the opportunity for remote testing as well as collaborative work in the TIM Labs. The Plugfest will have a special focus on the self-organizing network (SON) capabilities of small cells in a HetNet environment, as well as looking at other areas including traffic offloading, closed subscriber groups, and the impact of LTE-A aggregation.

“Interoperability is the foundation of the small cell ecosystem,” said Alan Law, Chair, Small Cell Forum. “That interoperability will be a major factor in the success of future Multi-x HetNet environments relying heavily on small cell infrastructure. Our Plugfest program ensures our vendor and operator members continue to build and operate world-class interoperable infrastructure.”
“Sistelbanda is proud to participate at Small Cell LTE Plugfest. This is a great opportunity to test the technology and to meet other participants. We have tested successfully our small cell HeNodeBs including SN4G Protocol Stack and SON features, and also interoperability with other vendors·, mentioned Oscar Carrasco, CTO of Sistelbanda. At the same time, SN4G Small Cell Gateway solution with hybrid SON has been tested, bringing to the market a fully commercial small cell solution for operators, allowing easy deployment, provisioning, updates and management of a complete small cell network.

About Sistelbanda
Sistelbanda is a leading provider of all the key elements that work seamlessly together to build a complete and fully customizable small cell solution. Our LTE expertise and customization capabilities enable the differentiation of network operators and the adaptation to multiple scenarios and markets.

About ETSI
The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), produces globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, aeronautical, broadcast and internet technologies and is officially recognized by the European Union as a European Standards Organization. ETSI is an independent, not-for-profit association whose more than 800 member companies and organizations, drawn from 66 countries, determine its work programme and participate directly in its work.

About Small Cell Forum (SCF)
Small Cell Forum works to drive the wide-scale adoption of small cells and accelerate the delivery of integrated HetNets. We are not a standards organization but partner with organizations that inform and determine standards development. We are a carrier-led organization. This means our operator members establish requirements that drive the activities and outputs of our technical groups.
Today our members are driving solutions that include small cell/Wi-Fi integration, SON evolution, virtualization of the small cell layer, driving mass adoption via multi-operator neutral host, ensuring a common approach to service APIs to drive commercialisation and the integration of small cells into 5G standards evolution. The SCF board includes Airspan Networks, AT&T, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, ip.access, NEC, Nokia, Qualcomm, Reliance Communications, Jio, Softbank, SpiderCloud Wireless, Sprint and Vodafone.

Aurélie Sfez
Interoperability Event Professional

Serafin Arroyo
Marketing and Projects Director



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Sistelbanda participation at Foro E2 2016 at Polytechnic University of Valencia

Sistelbanda participa en Foro E2 de empleo y emprendimiento 2016 en la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Valencia, 20 de abril de 2016. – Foro E2 2016, el evento destinado a informar a los estudiantes de los últimos cursos de carrera de posibles salidas profesionales, se celebra este año el 20 y 21 de abril en la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. En esta edición el evento cuenta con más de 85 empresas participantes, las cuales son una buena muestra del tejido industrial valenciano. Foro E2 es un lugar de encuentro entre empresas y estudiantes de últimos cursos y titulados que buscan su primera oportunidad laboral o un cambio de empleo que mejore su carrera profesional. En este link podéis ver la distribución de los stands y las empresas participantes.

En el evento Sistelbanda expone sus últimas innovaciones 4G LTE y muestra las diferentes posibilidades de unirse a nuestro equipo. Sistelbanda os invita a  conocerás de primera, preséntar directamente vuestas candidaturas, participar en los procesos de selección y asistir a conferencias donde los responsables darán a conocer su organización, planes de carrera, los perfiles profesionales que demandan y sus políticas de selección y contratación. Puedes consultar las actuales vacantes en Sistelbanda en nuestra web.

En caso de interés puedes contactar directamente en nuestro stand o por nuestros canales habituales de comunicación via web o email.

¡Os esperamos en Foro e2!

Accede al plano de empresas en el ForoE2 2016

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Sistelbanda awarded as R&D company by the Politechnical University of Valencia

Sistelbanda was awarded last Thursday, 25th of February of 2016, as the Best collaboration partner for R&D efforts with the Politechnical University of Valencia. Jose Luis Vilar, CEO of Sistelbanda,  collected the recognition during the XV edition of the “Consejo Social”.

“Sistelbanda has collaborated with the world-class researchers in LTE technology at Politechnical University of Valencia for a number of years,” said Jose Luis Vilar.  “Given the growing importance of mobile networks, including the current large deployments of 4G and the announced 5G, it made perfect sense to expand our relationship and form with the University, bringing all the new researches to the industry, and also getting mutual benefits for both parties.”

Congratulations to the team for receiving this significant award! It is great recognition of the team’s efforts and dedication in developing LTE smallcells ecosystem and mobile network technologies.

More info at Valencian newspaper El periodic


premios-univ-sociedad002 premios-univ-sociedad003

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Sistelbanda will showcase innovative LTE Small Cell ecosystem at MWC2016


Valencia, Spain – December 2nd, 2015 – Sistelbanda is proud to announce its presence as exhibitor at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona from 22nd to 25th of February 2016.

Specifically, Sistelbanda will be highlighting its complete LTE Small Cell ecosystem, including the efficient SN4G Small Cell Protocol Stack, compatible with the leading LTE chipset platforms available in the market, SN4G small cell manager including Home eNodeB Management System (HeMS), responsible for O&M, configuration and provisioning of HeNBs and SN4G SON system, to manage new base stations to become essentially “Plug and Play” items, optimizing the operational characteristics to best meet the needs of the overall network and incorporating self-healing functionalities.
At the same time Sistelbanda is providing specific Hardware design for LTE small cells, bringing to the market the most innovative complete solution for pure LTE 4G Small Cells scenarios, including the market leader chipset provider for LTE small cells.

Sistelbanda is also focused on customization aspects, bringing to operators worldwide personalized solutions to cover the specific needs. Sistelbanda also integrated the ecosystem to other providers, making compatible to existing deployments, and adding just the parts missing to get a complete fully operational LTE Small Cell network.

Sistelbanda will receive all attendees at Mobile World Congress on its booth placed at Congress Square, Spanish Pavilion. Please do not hesitate to contact Sistelbanda team to arrange a meeting or a demo during the event to explore ways of collaboration.

About Sistelbanda S.A.

Sistelbanda S.A. is the company that provides all the key software elements that work seamlessly together to build a complete and fully customizable small cell solution, thus enabling the differentiation of telecom equipment vendors and network operators.
We provide LTE Small Cell software solutions, software customization and hardware design services, ensuring that all the elements fit together, reducing time-to-market for our customers. Sistelbanda S.A. is an ICT manufacturer company of high added-value products for advanced wireless communications.

To arrange a visit or to receive further information, please contact our marketing team at

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Small Cell Forum and ETSI Complete Remote LTE Plugfest: Sistelbanda participation

RemotePlugfest Lead Image v2Source – NEWS WIRE FEED – LIGHT READING – 5/22/2015

LONDON — Small Cell Forum and ETSI have completed the first remote LTE Plugfest, which saw 12 different member companies and ETSI work together to address key issues with LTE small cells.

This was the first Plugfest to take place remotely, where participants ran test sessions from their own offices by connecting to a VPN based remote test infrastructure. On top of the VPN, ETSI’s flexible interconnection network allowed participants to evaluate the interoperability of solutions with any possible testing partner. Participating companies included Acceleran, Aricent, Athonet, Casa Systems, Cisco, Fujitsu, Ip.access, JDSU, Node-H, one2many, Parallel Wireless, Qucell and Sistelbanda.

The 70 test sessions took place over a two week period and involved participants from Europe, Asia and North America. Testing involved the full range of network elements – HeNBs, eNodeBs, HeNB-GWs, CBC, Core and IMS networks – combined with advanced test monitoring support. The event was also supported by the European Commission.

The key areas addressed included Closed Subscriber Group (CSG), which can reduce the signalling load on access networks, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Emergency Alerts (CMAS) and mobility.

“This fully remote approach was a real challenge and this is something we aim to apply beyond Small Cell events,” said Anthony Wiles, Director of ETSI’s Centre for Testing and Interoperability. “We have taken this approach before with our electronic signature Plugtests, but Small Cell was the first proving ground for doing remote testing with a heavily hardware-dependent technology.”

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Telefónica Spain and Sistelbanda sign an agreement for development of LTE solutions and services for SMBs

Telefónica España y Sistelbanda firman un acuerdo para el desarrollo de soluciones y servicios LTE para PYMEs

Madrid, 17 de febrero de 2015 – Telefónica y Sistelbanda, proveedor de tecnología LTE para small cells, han anunciado hoy su acuerdo para desarrollar un proyecto de innovación basándose en tecnología de femtoceldas LTE. El proyecto está liderado por Telefónica en España, y una vez desarrollados losproductos con tecnología de Sistelbanda podrían ser utilizados por todas las operadoras del Grupo Telefónica.

El desarrollo de nuevos servicios a partir de las posibilidades que ofrece la colocación de Femtoceldas LTE en las oficinas de nuestros clientes, permitirá acercar todos los beneficios de las comunicaciones LTE como son su eficiencia, capacidad y alta calidad de servicio, pero de forma adaptada a las necesidades específicas de la pequeña y mediana empresa.

Manuel Fernández Daza, director de Innovación y Servicios de Red de Telefónica España, ha señalado: “Nuestros clientes empresariales esperan de nosotros que les ofrezcamos servicios personalizados más allá de la mera cobertura, y la posibilidad que nos ofrece el diseño de este tipo de servicios y tecnologías para poder atender a sectores como el de la pequeña y mediana empresa nos parece una muy buena oportunidad. Las expectativas sobre la hiperconectividad LTE son grandes, y la posibilidad de desplegar servicios LTE específicos por cliente permitirá explorar conceptos más avanzados como son el de Intranet LTE, servicios basados en presencia, y el soporte a comunicaciones críticas. Añadir esta capa adicional a la red 4G es fundamental para dar un mayor valor a los clientes empresariales y reforzar nuestro liderazgo en el sector.”

“Es evidente que la demanda de tráfico de datos móviles no ha dejado de aumentar en los últimos años, y la tendencia es a incrementar el crecimiento” – ha dicho José Luis Vilar, CEO de Sistelbanda. Las small cells y femtoceldas LTE con nuestra tecnología y nuestro avanzado sistema de gestión reutilizan eficiente e inteligentemente el espectro y maximizan la capacidad de la red. Nuestra solución ayudará a la red de Telefónica a ofrecer nuevos servicios innovadores al mercado empresarial en un escenario futuro de muy alto tráfico de voz y datos.”

Acerca de Telefónica

Telefónica es una de las mayores compañías de telecomunicaciones del mundo por capitalización bursátil y número de clientes. Apoyándose en las mejores redes fijas, móviles y de banda ancha, así como en una oferta innovadora de servicios digitales, la Compañía se está transformando en una ‘Telco Digital’, lo que le posiciona muy favorablemente para satisfacer las necesidades de sus clientes y capturar el crecimiento en nuevos ingresos. Presente en 21 países y con una base de clientes de más de 316 millones de accesos, Telefónica tiene una fuerte presencia en España, Europa y Latinoamérica, donde concentra la mayor parte de su estrategia de crecimiento. Telefónica es una empresa totalmente privada que cuenta con más de 1,5 millones de accionistas directos. Su capital social está dividido en la actualidad en 4.551.024.586 acciones ordinarias que cotizan en el mercado continuo de las bolsas españolas y en las bolsas de Londres, Nueva York, Lima y Buenos Aires.

Acerca de Sistelbanda

Sistelbanda es el proveedor de todos los elementos software clave para construir soluciones de redes de small cells. La flexibilidad de sus soluciones permite adaptarlas totalmente a las necesidades de sus clientes operadores y fabricantes de telecomunicaciones, habilitando su diferenciación. La compañía se especializa en el diseño, desarrollo y comercialización de productos de software para el creciente mercado de las comunicaciones móviles. Sus soluciones mejoran la experiencia de los usuarios e incrementan la rentabilidad de los servicios.

Sistelbanda, Softwaring Networks.

Para más información acerca de Sistelbanda S.A. puede visitar

Contactos Medios

Telefónica Dirección de Comunicación Corporativa  Tel: +34 91 482 38 00 Ronda de la Comunicación, s/n  28050 Madrid

Sistelbanda S.A.  Jorge Marcos  Tel: + 34 961 31 87 18

Nota de prensa: Click Here

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Sistelbanda explained its views about Future LTE networks at event hosted by Telefonica and Levante Newspaper

Publicado en periódico LEVANTE-EMV el Jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015. Valencia.

¿Cómo serán las redes del futuro? ¿Qué oportunidades de negocio se abren?


La jornada sobre redes organizada por telefónica y Levante-EMV incluyó también un debate moderado por el director de administraciones Públicas y grandes empresas de la operadora, José Manuel del Arco. «vamos más deprisa de lo que podemos asumir todos. aún no hemos dado el paso de 4G y ya estamos hablando de 5G. en 2050 todas las ciudades y los hogares estarán conectados», señaló.

Jorge Marcos, VP marketing and sales de la empresa Sistelbanda apuntó que sólo en el primer trimestre de 2014 el tráfico de datos superó a todo 2011 y que la previsión es que en 2019 se haya multiplicado por diez. «la única forma de gestionar esto es acercar la red al usuario y dotarla de más capilaridad y extender la conectividad de la fibra mediante small cells LTE», dijo en referencia a las limitaciones de una red móvil sobreexplotada. Marcos dijo que una de las oportunidades de negocio está precisamente en la gestión de todo ese volumen tan elevado de datos. Señaló que se han identificado tendencias futuras para los móviles 5G, que serán la conexión entre máquinas: coches, pulseras,sensores corporales. otros sectores con nuevas opciones por desarrollar y que deben dar un paso adelante son el educativo, con el e-learning y la teleformación, o el sanitario.

Más información en el periódico LEVANTE-EMV

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Sistelbanda will present its innovative LTE Small Cell software solutions at MWC2015

Valencia, SPAIN – December 2014 – Sistelbanda, a global innovative company focused on LTE Small Cell software development, announced today that it will be showcasing its role in creating key software elements  to build complete and fully customizable small cell solutions at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, March 2nd – 5th, 2015.

Specifically, Sistelbanda will be highlighting its SN4G Small Cell Protocol Stack,  an Ultra-efficient LTE Protocol Stack to allow the control and customization of the system for any environment, compatible with the leading LTE chipset platforms available in the market. Also SN4G small cell manager will be showcase, including all the relevant functionalities of a Home eNodeB Management System (HeMS) being responsible for O&M, configuration and provisioning of HeNBs.

Sistelbanda will be present at two different pavillions at the tradeshow:



In addition, Sistelbanda’s CTO, Oscar Carrasco, will be a participant in a panel session at Small Cell Zone on Monday, March 2nd, at 16:30 p.m. CET.  The presentation will focus on latest innovations of Small Cell software solutions and offers insight into the future direction of the Small Cell industry and assess the challenges and opportunities LTE brings to the market.

About Mobile World Congress

The mobile communications revolution is driving the world’s major technology breakthroughs. From wearable devices to connected cars and homes, mobile technology is at the heart of worldwide innovation. As an industry, we are connecting billions of people to the transformative power of the Internet and mobilising every device we use in our daily lives.

In short, we’re on The Edge of Innovation, and the possibilities are endless. The 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress will convene industry leaders, visionaries and innovators to explore the trends that will shape mobile in the years ahead.

For further information, please contact us.

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Ariadna Awards 2014: Sistelbanda receives the Orbyt award for its innovative LTE products

Madrid, November 24th, 2014. – The best Ariadna 2014 awards has been announced today in the field of telecommunications, IT and electronic products. Sistelbanda received the special Orbyt award for the design and development of innovative LTE products and solutions. Other innovative companies such as Wallapop, Red Karaoke and were awarded in different categories.

“Sistelbanda is honored to have been selected as the winner of this award,” said Jose Luis Vilar, CEO at Sistelbanda. “This is further recognition of the highest degree of innovation and execution that Sistelbanda has developed during last years to become a challenger in this competitive market of LTE products and solutions.”

Other products were mentioned and awarded, bringing the last innovations to the event (iPhone 6, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z3 and LG G3, iPad Air2, Samsung Galaxy Tab S,  Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 HP Pavilion X360, Toshiba Satellite PW30, HP Envy 15, Toshiba Kira, Lenovo Think Pad X240, Sony RX 100 III, Panasonic Lumix GH4 and GoPro 4, MiniBatt CMB5, Sennheiser Urbanite, Parrot Sumo, Thermomix TM5, Philips HUE, Netatmo, TV Panasonic AX900, Samsung HU8500, LG UB980V).

More info at:




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