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Sistelbanda provides an unique LTE small cells ecosystem that includes all the key elements to build, deploy, manage, and operate a complete small cell network. The solution includes plug and play HeNodeBs for enterprise or residential environments with customized SN4G Protocol Stack and Small Cell Gateway with HeMS and hybrid SON for easy deployment, provisioning, updates and management.

LTE small cells elements

Residential & Small and Medium Business 

Small Office and Residential (SOHO) are scenarios with low number of users and small cells per site, but they usually are the major customer base for the operators. The femtocells for these applications need to be very cost effective and plug-n-play, while management solutions have to support those requirements for the femtocell and deal with massive deployments. Sistelbanda LTE femtocell and the SN4G Stack meet the most stringent demands for cost-effective, high quality data and voice communications of both homes and small and medium businesses. Sistelbanda Small Cell Manager and SON Manager share the same software architecture that provides high scalability, reliability, and unprecedented configuration flexibility.

Operator-managed Enterprise Networks

Sistelbanda enables the deployment and management of complete small cell networks in dense environments like office buildings, corporate campuses or shopping malls with optimized performance. Its Enterprise Small Cell Gateway software allows for multi-site operation thanks to the included Security Gateway, provides an intuitive management system with its user-friendly graphic user interface, and all the elements to implement advanced managed services. The LTE Enterprise femtocell and the SN4G Stack meet the most stringent demands for high quality data and voice communications in high traffic density environments.



SB41s HeNodeB

LTE Small Cell for Small Office and Residenal environment (SOHO) world-class hardware platform

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SN4G Stack

Ultra-efficient LTE Protocol Stack ensuring full compliance with the 3GPP

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SN4G Small Cell Manager

Advance Home eNodeB Management System (HeMS) and network KPI Manager

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Self-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing including Artificial Intelligence

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