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The SB41s HeNodeB is a commercial fully tested available product ready for deployment. The SB41s HeNodeB is an innovative LTE residential/SoHo Small Cell for up to 16 active users, with integrated antenna and with Sistelbanda SN4G Stack. It includes SON and auto-provisioning capabilities which enables fast and efficient roll-outs of LTE Small Cell networks based on self-install kits for consumers and small and medium businesses. The SB41s offers the best performance, minimum power consumption and optimal HW-SW integration with Sistelbanda’s best-in-class SN4G Stack.


SB41s HeNodeB Main Features:

  • High performance 3GPP LTE Protocol Stack
  • Up to 16 active users and 4 scheduled users / TTI
  • 3GPP LTE Rel. 9, LTE-FDD
  • MIMO 2×2 & Air Listening RF interface
  • Support of multiple LTE bands (1 operating band)
  • Modulation schemes up to 64 QAM
  • Bandwidth from 3 MHz to 20 MHz
  • Integrated antennas

SB41s HeNodeB Multi-agent management platform:

  • High Efficient Multi-Agent Platform for SON, O&M
  • TR-069 and SON agents for O&M and self-organization, including
    self-healing and self-establishment during the setup phase
  • Supporting centralized, hybrid and fully distributed SON
    algorithms and operation
  • Spectral sensing supporting different frequency bands and RATslogo_3gpp-150x84
    including LTE, 3G and 2G broadcast channel decoding
  • Algorithms based on Air Sniffing, UE Measurement Reports, PHY
    Sensing and X2AP messages