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hemsThe Small Cell Manager is a powerful, specialized solution for the management of small cell networks, providing control and efficiency levels unreachable for general-purpose management tools.

The Small Cell Manager (SCM) implements the HeMS (Home eNodeB Management System) functionality defined by the 3GPP and a network KPI Manager. It includes the Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) for the management of the Small Cell Base Stations through the Broadband Forum TR-069 standard. The SCM works on the Unified Management Framework, which includes an advanced GUI that provides full access to all the Small Cell base station parameters. It supports TR-196 Get/Set parameters, Profiles, Configuration Files, and RPC Methods.

The Small Cell Manager advantages are:

  • Full Access to all the Small Cell base station parameters.
  • Flexible HeNB provisioning process, supporting custom profiles, hierarchical and geographical deployments.
  • Includes its integrated Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) for the management of the HeNB devices using TR-069 protocol.
  • Fault monitoring, Device software upgrade, Get/Set parameters, Profiles, Configuration Files and RPC Methods.
  • Unit specific management actions on each device.
  • Massive management actions per region, per customer type, etc.
  • Actions can be performed immediately or can be scheduled, e.g. for low-traffic hours.
  • Performance metrics (KPIs) collection and graphical presentation.
  • Fast integration of third-party equipment.
  • Standard-based and custom northbound integration.
  • Easy integration of other equipment data models.
  • Easily managed from the Versatile and flexible SN4G Unified Management Framework (UMF).
  • Highly scalable thanks to its virtualized architecture, allowing to grow capacity, adding new instances of the software.
  • It can run on physical dedicated hardware on over virtual machines in operator’s datacenter.
  • Powerful, intuitive and highly usable Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Uses a reliable, widely used and fully tested Operating System (OS).
  • Backup & Restore and high availability functionalities.
  • Access to repositories for Updates.



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