Also the SN4G SON (Self-Organizing Networks)could be included with the main functionalities specified in 3GPP Release 10 and subsequent, covering the most important and valuable functions:

  • Self-configuration
  • Self-optimization
  • Self-healing

Specially designed for LTE small cells, SN4G SON provides the best-in-class solution for residential, SoHo and enterprise application scenSN4G_SONarios.

At different phases of a LTE deployment, SON capabilities are crucial to optimize resources, to guarantee a fast-deployment and to ensure a faster ROI, decreasing the associated OPEX:

  • Planning phase: small cells location is not always determined before its installation. Especially in residential, small cells are located almost randomly indoors. For enterprise environments, for a plug & play cost efficient deployment, planning should be minimized. With SON the femtocells self-configure them after listening the surrounding signals and choose the optimum parameters. so that the amount of manual planning intervention is minimized.
  • Configuration phase: All parameters for each femtocell shall be set and tested. SON provides capabilities to connect to the network, to download software, to perform authentication and to run self-test HeNodeBs remotely.
  • Operation phase: Optimization, monitoring and maintenance of networks are an important part of the operator’s OPEX, consuming an important part of the operator´s resources. SON capabilities automatically manage many of these tasks, decreasing all the associated cost significantly.

SN4G  SON architecture has been designed splitting functionalities between the Small Cells (distributed SON or dSON) and a central SON Server (centralized SON or cSON), following the Small Cell Forum’s SON API for inter-vendor interoperability, but adding some enhancements for allowing a Real-Time operation. This design allows SN4G SON to provide the best optimize solution, bringing to operators the best option to be successful in the market:

  • SN4G SON has been specially designed for LTE small cells, provides the best-in-class solution for residential, SoHo and enterprise application scenarios
  • Plug-and-play auto-configuration, requiring NO action from the user, providing full “Zero Touch” commissioning.
  • X2 interface provides real-time SON operation ensuring the fastest adaptation to network changes.
  • Artificial Intelligence techniques available to continuously update the network in real time, running unattended, thus enabling massive deployments and the operation of millions of Small Cells at an optimized cost.
  • Hybrid architecture gets the best of pure centralized and pure distributed solutions while minimizing their drawbacks and inefficiencies
  • Fully integration with other Small Cell Software elements, providing the perfect relay functions for SON messaging between the SON Agents and the SON Manager.